Asthma Triggers

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of asthma may come and go. Asthma symptoms may include any combination of:

  • repeated coughing, especially at night or the early morning, with exercise, or with viral infections such as colds
  • wheezing (a high pitched whistling sound heard during breathing)
  • trouble breathing
  • new or increased reluctance to participate in vigorous play or activities requiring physical exertion

Other severe symptoms in children are:

  • blue or gray lips or fingernails (Call 911.)
  • flared nostrils when trying to breathe in
  • speaking in short sentences or phrases only
  • sinking of skin or muscles between the ribs or the notch at the base of the throat when breathing in
  • unusual paleness or sweating
  • trouble walking or playing
  • hunching over or struggling to breathe
  • starts coughing and can’t stop.