Early On Oakland County

What is Early On® Oakland?                                                                                 
Early On® Oakland is a network of services for families of children birth to age three who are developmentally delayed, or are at risk of developing delays because of an established medical condition, or who have a disability. 

Early On® Oakland is based on a partnership between families and Service Providers, and helps the families find the support they need for their child. There are no income restrictions for eligibility.

How can Early On® Oakland help?
If that little voice inside your head is telling you that something isn’t “quite right” with your baby or toddler, don’t wait to reach out for help. The first years of a child’s life are too important to let slip by. Don’t wait to see if your little one “outgrows” your concern. Working on delays and concerns early means that children have a good chance for a great start in life.

Put your mind at ease, and give your child the help he or she may need by calling Early On® Oakland today!

For free information and resources about your child’s development, call 248.209.2084 or toll-free at 866.456.2084. 

Who can receive Early On® Oakland services?
Early On® Oakland is available to any Oakland County family with a child from birth to age three who has a
developmental delay, or are at risk of developing delays because of an established medical condition, or  who has a disability.

What happens when I call?
A Referral Specialist will discuss your concerns with you, and connect you with a Service Coordinator. The Service Coordinator will set up a developmental evaluation to see how your child is learning and growing. The evaluation can be done anywhere your family or child spends time, and should work into your family’s schedule. The evaluation process will determine if your child is eligible for Early On®, and the kinds of support your family may need.

What if my child is eligible for Early On® Oakland?
Your Service Coordinator will help you think about the changes you would like to see for your child. Services and supports are coordinated through an Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP.) An IFSP is your family’s plan of action.

How does Early On® help?
You and your Service Coordinator will decide what is best for your family. You will talk about activities, the things you can do every day, or programs where your child can learn and play with others. Your family may also need other supports like information or resources to help your child grow and develop. A few children may need extra help, and you and your Service Coordinator may decide your child needs special services to go along with the activities and supports. Examples of these services include family counseling, nursing services, nutritional counseling, audiology services, and physical, occupational or speech therapies.

For more information, call Early On® Oakland today

at 248.209.2084 or toll-free at 866.456.2084